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Intuitive Machines Lunar Lander Encapsulated and Scheduled for Launch

Updated: Feb 6

Nova-C Lunar Lander IM-1 Encapsulation F9

Image Credit: SpaceX

Intuitive Machines, Inc. (Nasdaq: LUNR, LUNRW) (“Intuitive Machines”) (“Company”), a leading space exploration, infrastructure, and services company, announced its IM-1 mission Nova-C class lunar lander completed all integration milestones and is safely encapsulated within SpaceX’s payload fairing in preparation for launch.

In coordination with SpaceX, launch of the Company’s IM-1 mission is targeted for a multi-day launch window that opens no earlier than 12:57 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on February 14th from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“As we prepare to embark on our IM-1 mission to the Moon, we carry with us the collective

spirit of perseverance, fueled by the dedication and hard work of everyone on our team,” said Intuitive Machines President and CEO Steve Altemus. “Their tireless efforts have brought us to this moment, where we stand on the precipice of history, humbled by the gravity of our mission, yet emboldened by the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.“

Nova-C Lunar Lander IM-1 Encapsulation F9

The Intuitive Machines IM-1 mission will be the Company’s first attempted lunar landing as part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (“CLPS”) initiative, a key part of NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration efforts. The science and technology payloads sent to the Moon’s surface as part of CLPS intend to lay the foundation for human missions and a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface.

Intuitive Machines will provide IM-1 mission updates on the Company’s website.

Image Credit: SpaceX


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