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Lunar data network

Our Lunar Data Network (LDN) is a private and secure network that supports missions and is evolving to meet future cislunar market needs. Offered commercially, LDN supports line-of-sight and data relay services for spacecraft in cislunar space and systems on the lunar surface. Our secure, interoperable LDN comprises of Nova Control, global ground stations, base-band units installed at each ground station, and lunar data relay satellites currently in production.



Comprised of ground stations strategically located worldwide, our Lunar Tracking, Telemetry, and Command (TT&C) Network (LTN) provides continuous line-of-sight communications with the Moon. Intuitive Machines has long-term agreements with the ground stations that allow for taking to support bespoke user missions. The network comprises nine ground stations in seven locations worldwide to support S-band, X-band, and Ka-band uplink and downlink.


Data relay (KHoN)

Our Data Relay Satellites (Khon) will utilize our rideshare services to place the satellites into a variety of orbits to support continuous data relay services of satellites in cislunar space and lunar surface systems. The Khon satellites are developed under contract with York Space Systems and are privately owned and operated by Intuitive Machines.

When complete, the Khonstellation will communicate back to Earth through our Lunar Telemetry and Tracking Network (LTN).

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MISSIOn control

Nova Control is the nerve center of our lunar mission operations. The operations center hosts the mission controllers in a collaborative environment with access to mission-critical and support software, including a VoIP voice system. Nova Control is commercially offered, and the mission-critical command and control software, Nova Core, is developed and sustained in-house with full contingency operations achieved in partnership with Fugro in Western Australia.


Lunar Data Network USER's guide

The Lunar Data Network User’s Guide provides current and future users with information about our full range of LDN capabilities and services. This guide's wide range of technical data and capabilities allows users to evaluate compatibility and perform initial mission design. Our capabilities and services have the flexibility to accommodate mission-specific requirements that may not be addressed in the guide. Users should reach out to Intuitive Machines to discuss mission-specific requirements.

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