space infrastructure

Intuitive Machines services a global list of commercial partners, working to provide the critical lunar infrastructure to support an entire industry.



Intuitive Machines is partnered with Northrop Grumman to design a Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) to transport NASA's Artemis astronauts around the lunar surface. Our partnership with Lunar Outpost enables reliable lunar mobility with the company's lunar rover service offerings. Lunar Outpost's MAPP rover is flying on Intuitive Machines' IM-2 mission to the lunar south pole.



Intuitive Machines is prepared to provide mission critical subsystems to support long-duration habitation on the lunar surface


Fission surface power

The U.S. Departmet of Energy (DOE) Idaho National Laboratory awarded IX, a joint venture between Intuitive Machines and X-energy, a contract to conduct a one-year study to mature the design of a Fission Surface Power (FSP) solution that will deliver at least 40 kWe power flight system to the Moon this decade.