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Products & services

Intuitive Machines provides our customers reliable and cost-effective space products, leveraging our technology portfolio and space systems innovations from our comprehensive lunar access program.

Intuitive Machines also provides highly specialized aerospace engineering services for complex space systems' development to NASA and the Aerospace Industry across the United States.

extreme mobility

We meet the demands of science and technology by providing extreme lunar mobility with µNova (Micro Nova) Hopper. µNova is a propulsive drone that deploys off of a Nova-C lander and hops across the lunar surface on our IM-2 mission. The µNova Hopper can accommodate up to 1 kg of science payloads and expand the exploration footprint to 25 km from the initial landing location. µNova can also hop into and out of permanently shaded regions (PSR), providing a first look into undiscovered areas that may provide the critical science needed to sustain a human presence on the Moon.



Our Liquid Oxygen Liquid Methane engines are unique for in-space propulsion. They offer safety in handling and testing here on the ground and provide unmatched performance in the space domain, and enable our vehicles to fly more direct trajectories to the Moon.


re-entry vehicles

Intuitive Machines developed its Universal Return Vehicle (URV) in coordination with NASA Johnson Space Center for International Space Station priority cargo return. NASA selected a team, including Intuitive Machines, to look at aerocapture using URV-derived capabilities.

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software development

We employ the industry's premiere software tools and processes to rapidly evolve and meet the complex and dynamic demands of our customers, and to build robust software solutions to ensure mission success. Agile software development, DevOps, and Digital Twins allow us to efficiently adapt our software to what is needed in aerospace.

Additive Manufacturing1.JPG

advanced manufacturing

Our charter is to innovate better ways to manufacture using the latest techniques and tools in design and engineering. We offer customers years of successful experience in all processes and associated with direct laser melt sintering technologies. 

Intuitive Machines’ manufacturing facility houses two EOS M290 manufacturing machines capable of creating additively manufactured parts in several characterized materials, including Inconel (IN625) and Titanium (Ti64). ​


Our facility also houses the IM3D design studio and post processing facilities that enhance development of additive parts. With these capabilities, we can rapidly manufacture on-demand prototypes, development parts and spares with a focus on producing small series and high-quality serial productions of metal additively manufactured components.

optical navigation

Intuitive Machines has developed a Precision Landing Hazard Avoidance (PLHA) system with Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN) using optical and laser measurements for precise and safe landing on a celestial body.


autonomous landing

The Intuitive Machines team brings extensive experience from NASA’s Morpheus and Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology projects and the efforts of the Precision Landing and Hazard Avoidance (PLHA) community. Intuitive Machines helped validate the Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) system for the OSIRIS-REx mission which enabled precision landing on the the asteroid Bennu.


Survive the night

We are continuing our pursuit to develop heat and power sources to keep systems from freezing during the lunar night. Successfully applying this technology will extend lunar surface mission duration.

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