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Intuitive Machines Looks to Bridge Humanity’s Access to Exploration with Web3 Partnership

HOUSTON, TX – August 28, 2023 Intuitive Machines, Inc. (Nasdaq: LUNR, LUNRW) (“Intuitive Machines”) (“Company”), a leading space exploration, infrastructure, and service company, today announced that it is embracing the era of decentralized technologies by entering an intellectual property agreement with Crisium Ltd. for the creation and sale of blockchain-based digital collectibles using Intuitive Machines’ media.

Web3, often referred to as the decentralized web, holds the potential to reshape industries and create new paradigms of interaction. Intuitive Machines recognizes that the principles of decentralization, transparency, and inclusivity that underpin Web3 align with the Company’s intention to democratize space. By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized application, Intuitive Machines aims to lower barriers to entry, empower individuals and communities, and facilitate collaboration in space-related endeavors.

“We believe that space should be for all, and providing content to Crisium Ltd. is a step toward realizing this vision,” said Steve Altemus, Chief Executive Officer of Intuitive Machines. “Web3 can provide Intuitive Machines with a new set of tools to create an inclusive exploration community that provides access to individuals, small businesses, and communities that have traditionally been excluded from the space industry.”

Crisium Ltd. is a Web3 company with industry leaders specializing in blockchain technology and community building. With its intellectual property license with Intuitive Machines, Crisium Ltd. intends to build a space exploration community to bring humanity closer to space exploration.

“With Intuitive Machines’ unwavering vision and Crisium’s commitment to decentralization and community building, we believe we are not just launching missions but a movement,” said Patrick Colangelo, Founder of Crisium Ltd. “Together, we intend to reshape a future where the cosmos is open to all, where every individual has the opportunity to be a participant, a contributor, and a co-creator of our journey into the stars.” View .pdf

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