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Intuitive Machines Lunar Operations Center Expanding at Houston Spaceport

Intuitive Machines' focus is reestablishing the United States' dominance on the ultimate high ground, the Moon. They believe in the knowledge to gain for the progress of humanity, and fulfilling that belief starts with expanding its footprint at the Houston Spaceport. Starting in 2023, Intuitive Machines will transition from its current spaceport facility into the bold new 125,000 square feet building where they will build, command, and communicate with more hardware that will go to the Moon in the most significant facility the company has ever had.

"We grew up as a company alongside Spaceport Houston, and we continue to grow as Spaceport Houston grows," said IM President and CEO Steve Altemus. "My partners, Dr. Tim Crain and Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, and I chose Houston because of its diverse talent, rapidly growing innovation ecosystem, and deep-rooted connection to spaceflight. Houston is our home, a place surrounded by family, friends, and people of true grit. Whether it is a flood, pandemic, or landing on the Moon, Space City does not back down from a challenge, and this building is Intuitive Machines accepting one of humanity's greatest challenges."

Intuitive Machines' Moon landing in the first quarter of 2022 starts an annual launch cadence delivering both NASA and commercial payloads on and around the Moon. Demand for the company's complete lunar program, from moon lander to deep-space communications, requires expanding into the near 12.5-acre plot at the Houston Spaceport entrance.

"We are thrilled that Intuitive Machines has decided to further invest in the tremendous aerospace ecosystem at Houston Spaceport," Houston Airports Director of Aviation Mario Diaz said. "I believe Intuitive Machines is a real-life Houston success story that hits to the core of Houston Spaceport's mission – to create a focal point for aerospace innovation with a cluster of aerospace companies that will lead the nation in the transition from a government-focused to a commercially-driven space program."

The project will vest in the city on a brick-by-brick basis, with reimbursement of the project costs by the city, for a not-to-exceed total cost of $40 million.

About Intuitive Machines

Intuitive Machines' complete lunar program unlocks the lunar economy to explore the solar system further and gain knowledge for the progress of humanity. As the premier provider of space services and technologies, Intuitive Machines is reestablishing the United States' dominance on the ultimate high ground, the Moon. Designed by the greatest minds in spaceflight, IM's lunar program will send the first American spacecraft to the Moon since the Apollo program and send the first spacecraft ever to reach the Lunar South Pole.


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