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Commercial Lunar Network Completed Ahead of IM-1 Moon Mission

Teams from Intuitive Machines and five space antenna ground stations

validated the complete lunar communications solution required for Intuitive

Machines’ first mission to the Moon, IM-1.

Under an agreement with NASA and as part of a Live Sky exercise of Intuitive

Machines Lunar Telemetry and Tracking Network (LTN), Intuitive Machines

personnel utilized each of the IM-1 required deep space antennas to acquire

and track NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) from Intuitive

Machines’ Nova Control in Houston, Texas.

“Completing these exercises with a spacecraft currently orbiting the Moon

proves that our network is prepared for our first mission,” said Brian Mader,

Intuitive Machines Mission Operations Engineer. “It’s incredible; the Intuitive

Machines and ground station teams are laying the critical infrastructure to

support a growing lunar economy.”

Contact: Josh Marshall

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