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Houston Spaceport opens doors to expand commercial aerospace industry

HOUSTON, Texas – Space City is home to rapid development, and when it comes to the aerospace industry, there is lots of it.

The Houston Spaceport is opening new doors for innovation. Co-located at Ellington Airport, the ever-evolving property is welcoming new aerospace and aviation tenants, taking on projects headed to the moon and beyond.

The Spaceport is owned and managed by the Houston Airport System and brands itself as the world’s first truly urban commercial spaceport.

“We are doing things that some thought were not possible here,” Houston Spaceport Director and GM of the Houston Airport System’s Ellington Airport Arturo Machuca said.

Intuitive Machines is the first tenant and has made quite a footprint on the spaceport.

It’s there where they are building its Nova C Lunar Lander which is expected to land on the moon in 2022.

Altemus is the former Johnson Space Center Deputy Director and a NASA human spaceflight engineer.

“I had a 25-year wonderful career at NASA. [I] started at the Kennedy Space Center where I launched space shuttles for a living, and then I moved to the Johnson Space Center and I ran human spaceflight engineering for about a decade before retiring and forming Intuitive Machines,” Altemus said. “We’re all about going to the moon, landing on the moon, orbiting around the moon, communicating on the moon.”

The Spaceport is federally licensed for horizontal launches, so no rocket launches will be seen at the site, but the space can facilitate valuable ground for testing and other lower-level flights. A major part of the Houston Spaceport Houston Aerospace Support Center is innovation.

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