We provide value to our customers by adapting laboratory or theoretical solutions and technologies to actual environmental and operational conditions, with fault tolerance, fault detection, isolation, and recovery, to improve the capability, robustness, and reliability of systems.


Domain Expertise
Real-time Software and Embedded Systems

We develop software designed to run in demanding real-time environments for applications such as vehicle control, sensor fusion, precision navigation, data acquisition, and industrial automation. Our development process uses a modified version of Agile that incorporates a phased increase in rigor that allows us to rapidly produce software that meets or exceeds the equivalent of CMMI level 3.  In addition to software, we use our deep expertise with the processors, firmware, and device drivers to ensure that our real-time software works on the target platform as well as it does on the development platform.

Autonomous Systems / Guidance, Navigation, and Control

We provide the systems insight and feedback control that are essential to the functionality and operability of today’s complex equipment and machines. Our aerospace navigation background provides a framework for data fusion to extract knowledge of the state of dynamic systems with varied, noisy, and sporadic sensory input. This knowledge is the prerequisite for our system monitoring and feedback control solutions which achieve a high degree of precision in dynamic environments. Intuitive Machines has the capability to develop control systems with applications spanning industrial systems operating at multiple sites, high-speed autonomous aerospace systems, and safe, precise control of medical treatment devices. Recognizing that every application is unique, Intuitive Machines follows a supervisory-control paradigm where the blend of automation and human interaction is optimized for the customer's needs.

Integrated Data Displays and Human Interface

Visualizing complex data streams dramatically improves the effectiveness of the human/machine system. Intuitive Machines has in-depth expertise in merging multiple data streams from different sensory devices in conjunction with additional existing data, all infused into the applications. By integrating multiple data streams and using our data-synthesis strategies, we are able to build a systematic view of an entire system's health and performance while providing situational awareness, enhanced operator effectiveness and proficiency, improved operational safety and reliability, reduced training time, and increased work productivity.

Remote Sensing and Sensory Platforms

Using a wide array of tools at our disposal, Intuitive Machines has the ability to bring the machine's perception directly into the user’s hands. Our team has experience integrating multiple sensors into embedded systems using a flexible software architecture that can be adapted to both diagnostic and operational instrumentation. Previous sensing experience includes expertise with optical, laser, inertial, and electromagnetic devices in real-time data acquisition systems. These systems in turn can be hosted on a variety of platforms including unmanned vehicles (both space and terrestrial), satellites, down-hole drilling applications, and static ground stations.

Simulations, Algorithms and Analysis

We bring a focused application of data synthesis to our customer's needs;  deriving complex system knowledge through simulation and modeling, filtering and optimization, and extracting meaningful emergent correlations hidden in large data sets. Our engineers provide algorithms and analysis products utilizing both traditional calculus-based techniques as well as cutting-edge machine learning methodologies. Massive data set simulation expertise and tailored multi-physics computational models inform our generation of algorithms and analyses for complex, time-varying systems. Using a spectrum of classical and modern analysis tools lets Intuitive Machines approach a customer's intractable problems from multiple directions.

Asteroid Bennu Error Model

As we expand and leverage exponential technologies, the engineering challenges we face increase in complexity and number. As a continually learning organization, history has taught us that our most innovative solutions are achieved collaboratively. We envision uniting this collaboration of government, industry, and academia to create an engineering culture capable of conquering these challenges jointly. Our goal is to bring the best and the brightest to bear on the engineering problems we face, regardless of affiliation. We all share a passion for engineering and we will reach our peak performance through these innovative collaborations.

Solving Problems Together

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