Key Features

  • Fully Numeric Predictor-Corrector Entry Guidance

  • Non-toxic Propulsive Capabilities

  • Swappable Heat shield materials

  • Guided Parafoil landing

  • Mission duration from hours to years with kitting

  • Payload sizes start at 21.5 kg for the smallest ISS deployed version

re-entry vehicle

Autonomous platform that can both fly in space and hypersonically through the atmosphere with the precision to achieve a designated  landing site.

Fully Numeric Predictor-Corrector Entry Guidance

Intuitive Machines (IM) is developing the next major advancement in precision Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) vehicle technologies.  The Universal Re-entry Vehicle or URV is designed around a scalable mid lift-to-drag shape that allows for stable flight during atmospheric entry.  The combination of aerothermal shape and adaptive guidance algorithms enables the vehicle to support a broad family of entry conditions and thus can be deployed from a variety of launch and space platforms.  Its size can be scaled to support various launch and orbital re-entry conditions for both Earth and Mars atmospheres as well as other atmospheric destinations.


The Universal Re-entry Vehicle (URV) utilizes a lifting body vehicle shape developed by Intuitive Machines that provides entry performance in-between a blunt body shape and a winged vehicle with a lift-to-drag greater than one.   The lifting body shape allows for a simple, low cost design similar to a blunt body capsule but with better cross range, down range and targeting accuracy. Other advantages of a mid lift-to-drag shape are the volumetric and structural efficiencies of the close to cylindrical shape, the availability of landing opportunities due to cross range, the lower deceleration forces of entry, and the thermal and trajectory profiles that can be flown.  The lifting body also scales well over a large range of payload masses from 10’s of kilograms to 10’s of metric tones.

Autonomous Flight Control

•Completely autonomous from release through landing, capable of cold navigation initialization, deorbit targeting, and guided entry.

Complete Spacecraft

•Capable of maneuvering in space, deorbiting, and targeting a soft precision landing on land or sea.

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