Complex Modeling & Simulation


Complex problems can be explored with complex simulations, which allows for the discovery of relatively simple solutions.  For the first time, the industry will be able to design and certify source control solution plans, in advance, for a wide range of release conditions with the confidence that all the complex system interactions are modeled.


Through the application of our integrated multi-physics analysis capability to the evaluation of capping operations for subsea well releases, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of time required to design and execute a subsea capping solution.


Design and execution of dual point offset capping operations are analyzed through our coupled system dynamics, which incorporate sea state impacts on vessel motion, suspension system dynamics, hydrodynamics of the capping system, and unsteady blowout flowfield solutions.


  • Full operational scenario simulations

  • Contingency case simulations

  • Evaluation of wind/current on deployment success

  • Source release simulation across wide Gas/Oil Ratio (GOR) ranges

  • Alternate capping geometries and comparisons

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