Sr. Software Architecture and Engineer, Edge and Cloud Computing (ISRDS3)

Location: Moffett Field, CA - Full-time exempt position

Intuitive Machines is an innovative and disruptive company who is leading space technologies, engineering and operations. We proudly put forward an exceptional team that lives at the intersection of rigor and agility.  We are seeking the best, the brightest and the driven to be a part of an incredible and rewarding experience.  

We are at the cusp of an aviation revolution whereby flying cyber-physical systems will disrupt and transform entire industries. The convergence of new technologies including electric propulsion and autonomy together with new business models is generating the potential for a new aviation market known as Urban Air Mobility (UAM). UAM is a safe and efficient system for air passenger and cargo transportation within an urban area, inclusive of small package delivery and other urban Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services that supports a mix of onboard/ground-piloted and increasingly autonomous operations.


The focus of this project is on disruptive digital information networks connecting passengers, vehicles, services and data within a common ecosystem. Industry has made significant advances in this direction along the theme of IoT or Internet of Things and autonomous cars where ubiquitous sensing, low-cost computation, and mobile devices are connected across a cloud computing continuum.


  • Drive development of the s/w air traffic management system architecture that aims to support vertically isolated, latency sensitive Urban Air Mobility (UAM) applications by providing ubiquitous, scalable, federated, and distributed computing, storage, communication, and data management.

  • Provide subject matter expertise in cloud and edge computing technologies.

  • Explore and develop approaches to migrate application and data along the edge computing network. The approach should also take into consideration predictions of vehicle mobility over a given time horizon and proximity of data storage to the application throughout the migration process.

  • Explore and develop approaches where vehicles request services that require data from airspace, IoT sensors, neighboring vehicles, and smart-city infrastructure to be processed at edge nodes under low-latency conditions.

  • Work with system engineers to develop requirements

  • Develop a prototype of the concept using appropriate cloud and simulation technologies

Join our team and you’ll be rewarded with competitive compensation, benefits, and possession of your own unique place in history.

Required skills and traits*

  • Significant expertise in cloud and edge computing technologies that have helped fuel the mobile and IoT revolution.

  • Expertise is specifically required in systems that address location-aware, low-latency, geographically distributed computational nodes; scaling and coordination of networks; heterogeneity, interoperability; end-point mobility; interplay between client, edge, and cloud layers; optimal placement of storage and computation along the cloud continuum.

  • Significant experience with Edge/Cloud simulation tools

  • Experience working on large s/w projects that involve cloud computing technologies

Other Desired Skills:

  • Strong s/w development fundamentals such as test-driven and behavior-driven development

  • Experience with an object oriented programming language such as JAVA or C#.

  • Relational and Non-Relational Database experience

  • AWS or Azure cloud experience

  • Knowledge of blockchain technologies



                                                                         * U.S. Citizenship required

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