We have maintained our passion for space exploration and have extended it into developing specialized vehicles and subsystems for space and terrestrial applications.

Specialized Vehicles

We design, build, and operate vehicles in both space and terrestrial environments.  Much of our founding team found their passion for rapid prototyping and development of high performance systems working on NASA's Morpheus Lander.   Bringing that "skunk works" mentality with us to Intuitive Machines, we have applied it to an advanced design of a Reentry Spacecraft for express payload return from Low Earth Orbit, our Tiburon class of fixed-wing drones, and the design for our Axiom customer's commercial space station module.


Our team has the chops to develop a complete autonomous vehicle or machine to meet your specific needs.

TRV Deorbit



Tiburon Jr. field deployment


Real-time avionics prototyping


Camera controller development rig


Analysis of optical navigation system


Navigation performance of an optical based system

Common Pixels with Camera location

Not all solutions require complete vehicles or systems to fulfill the customer's needs.   Often a subsystem such as a software module, integrated sensor package, or structural component provides just the right complement to upgrade or complete an existing process.

We develop machine subsystems such as integrated electronics, embedded real-time software, closed-loop control, multiple sensor fusion and navigation, and support structures and mechanisms.

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TRV Deorbit

TRV Deorbit Maneuver