Intuitive Machines offers cradle to grave aerospace engineering development, integration and testing services and a unique set of aerospace products.

The vast majority of our employees have extensive aerospace and NASA experience, and we bring that experience to meet our diverse customer needs. We design, analyze, integrate, test and fly aerospace systems for lunar landers, satellites, and human space flight. Our customers include a who’s who of the aerospace community, and we have performed work including ground support equipment, flight test equipment, the Universal Return Vehicle, lunar lander designs, Human Suit Modeling Simulations, ISS Payload systems, satellite systems and commercial space station designs. Our design approach brings a healthy balance between the traditional aerospace rigor and the new space agility. This approach allows us to implement the right level of rigor into the various stages of a program thus decreasing the development time and cost while increasing the probability of success.

Reentry Vehicle 

Intuitive Machines’ Universal Reentry Vehicle (URV) system can be used to return payloads from LEO and Lunar Environments. The URV is scalable and can be used to enter Mars atmosphere, or as a precision ballistic entry vehicle in Earth atmosphere.

Aerospace Systems Engineering and Development

Intuitive Machines is the system’s integrator and lead developer of a commercial space station. We leverage our extensive human spaceflight experience to design and build a system that meets the human-rating requirements utilizing the most agile processes. Intuitive Machines provides services for commercial and government space programs including services for satellite manufacturers and rocket launch companies for all aspects of space flight missions.

Cable Development

Intuitive Machines designs, builds, and tests cables for a wide variety of ground and flight hardware.

Lunar Lander

Our Lunar Payload and Data Service (LPDS) is a specific case of our regular LPDS that integrates our Nova-C class spacecraft/lander, payload integration support commercially procured launch services.

Developmental Flight Instrument Systems

Intuitive Machines designs, builds, tests, and flies Aerospace Developmental Flight Instrumentation (DFI) systems used in the world's most advanced spacecrafts.

Human Suit Interaction Model

Intuitive Machines Human Suit Modeling and Simulation services can provide for detailed interaction between both hard and softgoods on a suit and the human body. By predicting the forces on the human body, we can help design better and safer suits.

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