Key Features

  • Real Time Closed-Loop Software

  • Hardware In The Loop

  • Human In The Loop

  • Safety Critical Systems

  • Multibody Dynamics

  • Finite Elements

  • Large Scale Simulation

  • Collision Detection


Pulling on experience developing spacecraft simulator for astronaut training, IM has applied hardware and software development techniques to provide the capability for real-time, hardware-in-the-loop, human-in-the-loop training on safety-critical systems for industrial applications on the Earth.

The Horizontal Direction Drilling Trainer is a digital twin of a 1.3 million pound maxi-rig.  It includes models for drilling and jetting through varied geology rock and sand, and allows for the driller to practice directional drilling in a virtual training environment. 


Hardware interface to the actual control hard used in the field are married to a parallel processing CPU server which models the uphole rig operation, the drillstring dynamics, pipe deformation, hole cleaning, tortuosity and friction, and the BHA orientation, rate of penetration and build rate.  Visual and gauge feedback is driven by the simulation response to the driller inputs and displayed in a virtual graphics window in real-time.

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