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How to Improve Memory?

In order not to forget anything, and the brain worked efficiently, it is necessary to train it. To do this, you can use the following methods:


This method involves the use of simple associations when storing information. A new flow of information can be tied to old images or use the imagination. For example, some women manage to find lipstick not by color or brand, but by smell (aroma).

Learn something new more often

Memory needs constant training. It is like a muscle, with weak activity, it begins too “loose”. To keep her in good shape, you need to be more inquisitive and constantly learn something new. To do this, it is enough to start learning a new language or dance, connect to a new game, read a new book or learn a new verse.


During proper rest and sleep, the body gets rid of fatigue, replenishes strength and energy. The brain at this moment calmly rethinks everything that happened during the day and puts everything on the shelves: it leaves the necessary, it erases the excess. Note that a person can remember the most necessary information if he reads it before going to bed and concentrates on it. Physical activity normalizes blood circulation and increases blood flow to the brain.


The best way is proper nutrition. It is based on frequent and small meals, water. For brain activity, it is important to consume vitamins, fatty amino acids. To do this, it is enough to include fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, berries in your daily diet.

Meditation and proper breathing

Meditation will not only allow you to relax and have fun, distract from everyday problems, but also increase your heart rate, restore or increase blood circulation. The use of various techniques for proper breathing will provide oxygen to the brain cells.


In this case, we will not talk about computer games, which, on the contrary, slow down the process of thinking, violate the perception of reality. It is best to train and improve memory with logic games, crossword puzzles, puzzles, chess, sudoku, etc.

Solitude with nature

Rest in nature or even a regular walk can improve memory. A person enjoys the local beauties, forgetting about problems, getting a lot of new emotions and impressions. A walk in a birch thicket or coniferous forest will strengthen the immune system, saturate the cells with oxygen.


Have you noticed that if you just think about the disease, start to be afraid of it, it will definitely overtake you? Self-hypnosis plays an important role in a person's life: as you set yourself up, so be it. No wonder they say: “Thoughts are material!”.


Scientists have proven that the aromas of mint and rosemary have a fruitful effect on the work of the brain and memory. These herbs increase alertness and prevent memory gaps.

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