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Nova-C LOX/LCH4 Tank

Nova-C LOX/LCH4 Tank Strut Shipset

Nova-C TPS Shipset

Nova-C LOX/LCH4 Tank Test Frame

V3300 Engine (Ground)

V3300 Engine (Flight)

V28 Engine (Ground)

V28 Engine (Flight)

V1000 Engine (Ground)

V1000 Engine (Flight)

IM North Mobile Engine Test Stand

Rocket Engine Exciter/Igniters

Tiburon Jr. Package 1

Tiburon Jr. Package 2

Tiburon Jr. Launcher

Tiburon Jr. Landing System

Tiburon Jr. Command Trailer

Space Capsule Drop Test Aero-DFI Pallet

Universal Reentry Vehicle (ISS)

FNPEG Software License Lease

Server Software Hosting

Sentinel Observation System

Engineering services to include:
 - Test plan preparation
 - Non-Recurring engineering for simple modification of our existing products
 - Engineering Documentation Support
 - Rocket Engine Test Stand Services
 - Rocket Engine Test Engineering and documentation support
 - Software modeling and simulation services
 - Software development, integration and testing services

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