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Congratulations Masten Space Systems for NASA Contract Award

Intuitive Machines congratulates the extraordinary team at Masten Space Systems for being selected by NASA to deliver and operate eight payloads, with nine science and technology instruments, to the Moon’s South Pole in 2022, to help lay the foundation for human expeditions in 2024.

“Intuitive Machines welcomes the brilliant team at Masten Space Systems to this incredible challenge we now face together,” said Intuitive Machines President and CEO, Steve Altemus. “This well-deserved selection is a tribute to NASA’s dedication to the success of their Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.”

In May 2019, NASA selected Intuitive Machines to deliver a payload of NASA-provided experiments and technology demonstrations to the lunar surface in 2021 as part of the space agency’s first CLPS program contracts.

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