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Intuitive Machines Named to Time’s List of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies

Intuitive Machines, Inc. (Nasdaq: LUNR, LUNRW) (“Intuitive Machines”) (“Company”), a leading space exploration, infrastructure, and services company, today announced its prestigious inclusion in TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies list. This annual list, now in its fourth year, is a testament to the extraordinary impact companies are making globally, and Intuitive Machines stands out as a unique contributor to this landscape.

The selection follows Intuitive Machines delivering commercial and NASA payloads to the Moon farther south than any vehicle in history, marking the United States’ first lunar landing in over 50 years on February 22, 2024.

“For decades, the critical space technology required to land on the Moon was underdeveloped and inaccessible to many,” said Steve Altemus, Chief Executive Officer of Intuitive Machines. “Intuitive Machines is changing that. We are transforming an industry by providing innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology that provides access to the Moon at a fraction of the traditional cost. For our success to be recognized by TIME, alongside iconic global brands, is an incredible honor.”

To assemble the list, TIME solicited nominations across sectors and polled its global network of contributors, correspondents, and outside experts. Then TIME editors evaluated each on key factors, including impact, innovation, ambition, and success. The result is a diverse group of 100 businesses helping chart an essential path forward.

See the full list here:


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