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Intuitive Machines Mission Control Cleared to Track Artemis I Mission

Intuitive Machines, LLC (“Intuitive Machines” or the “Company”), a leading exploration, infrastructure, and services company, today announced NASA’s approval for Intuitive Machines to utilize its mission control and global ground station network to track the Artemis I Mission (“Artemis I”). Artemis I is NASA’s first mission in a series of increasingly complex missions that are expected to enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars.

Intuitive Machines expects to leverage its commercially available Lunar Distance Network (“LDN”) for the one-way Doppler measurements tracking the in-flight Artemis I Orion spacecraft.

One-way Doppler measurements involve determining the Doppler shift in the Orion S-band return link carrier signal as observed at each of Intuitive Machines’ ground stations. By demonstrating Intuitive Machine’s capability to provide precise Doppler measurements, NASA may consider the Company’s capability to augment the agency’s existing tracking measurements.

Intuitive Machines has validated four global ground stations while working with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (“LRO”) under a Reimbursable Space Act Agreement.


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