Intuitive Machines is leading the return to the lunar surface with our Nova-C lander.  We proudly put forward an exceptional team that lives at the intersection of rigor and agility.  We are seeking the best, the brightest and the driven to be a part of the first commercial landing on the moon.  Join our team and you’ll be rewarded with competitive compensation, benefits, and possession of your own unique place in history.

Responsibilities may include, but not be limited to*

•    Lead a diverse team of engineers/operators

•    Work with systems engineers to develop operational documentation for use during on-orbit 

•    Develop and test command procedures, telemetry pages, and other products necessary to support the mission

•    Develop mission rules and user applications

•    Develop a comprehensive mission control training and corresponding multidisciplinary assignments utilizing                      mission rules and user applications

•    Develop a comprehensive mission control training and corresponding multidisciplinary assignments

•    Conduct training sessions (lessons) in mission control settings and utilize Tests and Verification activities to                        supplement training sessions

•    Maintain records of mission controller certifications

•    Support mission readiness activities including mission rehearsals, mission timeline development, and post launch            test development.

•    Support anomaly resolution efforts.
•    Make modifications to existing operations procedures to incorporate in-flight performance lessons learned.  

•    Develop new procedures as required.
•    Provide status reporting through both the functional and program reporting branches.
•    Provide mentoring and guidance to the mission operations team.

•    Maintain the operations schedule and communicate changes, risks, and opportunities within the integrated master          schedule for each mission

Required Education*
•    B.S. or M.S. in Engineering, Physics, or Math

Required and Desired Experience and skills*

•    1-5 years experience with training (preferably certified to tech classes)

•    1-5 years experience with programming languages C++, Java (Desired)

•    Experience with spacecraft operations

•    Experience supporting readiness activities to include; Mission Readiness Tests (MRTs), Mission Rehearsals (MRs), Day       In the Life (DITL) and daily operations testing.

•    Experience with system design experience including the development of system design documents

•    Experience writing technical documents 

•    Capable of both high quantity and high-quality output

•    Excellent verbal and documented communication (MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel)

•    Ability to work in a fast paced, hard charging, high stakes environment

•    A passion for spaceflight

•    Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment while leading a diverse group of skills.

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