Nova-C Lunar Lander

Key Features

  • 100 kg payload capacity to the surface of the moon

  • (250Kbps-6Mbps) 24/7 Data coverage

  • At least 200 watts of power on the surface

  • Payload mounting locations per customer

  • Modular and adaptive design

  • Soft touchdown ~ 1m/ second

  • Hazard avoidance navigation

  • Land anywhere on the moon

  • Over 9m² of payload mounting surface 

Intuitive Machines is leading an effort to develop a commercial Lunar Payload and Data Service (LPDS) which provides transit to lunar orbit, intact payload delivery to the lunar surface, and data communications and power services to assets both in lunar orbit and on the surface.

The Nova C spacecraft is the backbone architecture of our service.

Lunar Payload & Data Service

Our Lunar Payload and Data Service (LPDS) is a specific case of our regular LPDS that integrates our Nova-C class spacecraft/lander, payload integration support, commercially procured launch services, commercially procured tracking and communication, mission operations for transit, and surface operations for payload communication and support.



Intuitive Machines 

Nova-C lander

Landing Q4 2021


Our Nova-C lunar lander draws direct heritage and lessons learned from NASA’s Project M lunar lander and Project Morpheus experience. Project M and its terrestrial counterpart, Project Morpheus, were designed, developed and tested by NASA JSC to demonstrate new technologies for planetary landing included autonomous hazard avoidance, precision landing, and high performance cryogenic liquid Oxygen (LOX) and liquid Methane (LCH4) integrated propulsion. The core team that was instrumental in the success of the Morpheus lander left government service and founded IM.

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