We are in constant pursuit of bettering humanity. Our team effectively blends diverse thought from engineers with decades of spaceflight knowledge to innovative early career professionals. We accept challenges, accomplish missions with agility, and live our core values.


Dedication, Integrity, Respect, and Technical Excellence


Intuitive Machines is an integral partner with our customers. We execute on our commitments and are continually learning to bring solutions to the toughest challenges.


Our Founders


Kam Ghaffarian

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"I have dreamed of going to the moon since, as an 11-year-old boy, I saw Neil Armstrong's historic first step onto that new world. Today, Intuitive Machines begins a journey back to the moon in the culmination of my boyhood dream."

Steve Altemus

President & CEO
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"Our experience in developing autonomous systems, precision navigation, and cryogenic propulsion lends itself perfectly to the challenge of landing Nova-C on the Moon."

Dr. Tim Crain

Chief Technology Officer
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"Our vision is to take the challenge of this historic step with an eye toward a permanent presence on the Moon," 

At Intuitive Machines, we want our employees to be a part of our adventure, and to enjoy the “R-I-D-E”…


We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person. We respect the diversity of our workforce as an essential component of our teamwork and mission success


We are committed to maintaining an environment of trust built upon honesty, respect, and candor. We build trust through ethical conduct as individuals and as a company


We are dedicated to the mission of our partners. Individual success is secondary to mission success, and everything we do carries an inherent sense of urgency


We value the freedom and the responsibility to pursue technical truth and follow the evidence to its conclusion. We value respectful dissent as an expression of thought diversity and as a means for improving the integrity and rigor of our engineering decisions

Premiere Partners

IBX is an innovation and investment firm committed to advancing the state of humanity and human knowledge.  They are exploring new frontiers in space, technology & energy to push human potential and make a positive impact on the world.


X-energy is a nuclear reactor & fuel design engineering company, developing Generation IV high-temp gas cooled nuclear reactors & the TRISO-X fuel to power them.


Intuitive Machines is partnered with X-Energy in the pursuit of nuclear space propulsion and surface power systems in support of future exploration goals.

Creating a thriving home in space that benefits every human, everywhere – by building the commercial low Earth orbit economy and first commercial space station.


Intuitive Machines is partnered with AXIOM Space in providing guidance, navigation and control, including rendezvous and proximity operations expertise.


Customers and Affiliates