Digital Industrial Systems

Intuitive Machines serves our customers by fusing our expertise in real-world simulations, software development, and information processing and optimization into solutions such as operational analyses, digital twins, software products, and trainers.

Intuitive Machines provides digital solutions for managing critical infrastructure, managing risk, improving operational efficiency, and solving health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues for customers spanning the oil and gas, energy, transportation, chemical processing, and medical sectors.   We do this by applying high fidelity simulation and analysis techniques, operational analytics, sensor and data processing, and software development at both the architecture and embedded system level.  


Intuitive Machines provides high fidelity simulation capability integrating oceanographic data and models, equipment digital twins, and fluid-structure interaction to evaluate the operational, environmental and safety aspects of offshore scenarios.

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Digital twins combined with high-fidelity physics simulations allow IM to inform customers about tool and process failure root-causes.

Intuitive Machines can merge your operational controls with a physics-based model and high-fidelity graphics engine to create trainers to improve operational efficiency and Health, Saftey & Environment. Our integrated simulations use digital twins to assist in design evaluation and efficiency improvements.

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Intuitive Machines uses our background with real-time guidance, navigation, and control techniques to develop adjacent system control algorithms, sensor fusion, and software development.

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