Innovation in Autonomous Systems


Autonomous systems have a long evolutionary path towards their complete ‘autonomy’, and in the short-term should be seen as supporting human decision-makers to make more intelligent decisions. The wide adoption of autonomous systems without human-in-the-loop operation faces various challenges that are technical, societal, regulatory and environmental.  Even so, Autonomous Systems have the potential to affect every part of life, business, industry and education, and the implications are huge across the board.


With this in mind, we created Intuitive Machines, a company constructed to provide robust, available, reliable and safe autonomous system solutions.  We believe there are opportunities to apply human spaceflight methodologies and principles that enable low costs solutions while at the same time managing the highest complexity and safety levels for autonomous systems.


Intuitive Machines was formed from deep practical experience in large complex space systems development.  The people of Intuitive Machines blend deep technical knowledge with practices honed over 40 years of human spaceflight; practices in risk-based decision-making, redundancy management, fault tolerance and isolation, safety, reliability, maintainability, verification testing, and operations.


Intuitive Machines was founded in 2013 by Steve Altemus, Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, Dr. Tim Crain in Houston, Texas with a core group of engineers from the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Steve Altemus, President and CEO 

Our Founders
Dr. Kam Ghaffarian
Steve Altemus
President & CEO
Dr. Tim Crain
VP of Research &

We are committed to maintaining an environment of trust built upon honesty, respect, and candor. We build trust through ethical conduct as individuals and as a company.

Company Values

Our core values are the fundamental characteristics of who we are and how we operate.  Intuitive Machines effectively blends dedication, integrity, respect, teamwork, and technical excellence to create an organization that is an integral partner that executes on their commitments, brings solutions forward, and continually learns to meet the challenges facing the human race.

We are dedicated to the mission of our partners. Individual success is secondary to mission success. Personal sacrifice is the norm, and everything we do carries an inherent sense of urgency.


Our most powerful tool for achieving mission success is our multi- disciplinary team of competent people. We value high-performing teams that are committed to continuous learning, trust, and innovation.


We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person. We respect the diversity of our workforce as an essential component of our teamwork and mission success.

Technical Excellence

We value the freedom and the responsibility to pursue technical truth and follow evidence to its conclusion. We value respectful dissent as an expression of individual knowledge and as a means for improving the integrity of our engineering decisions.

Intuitive Machines

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