Complex Modeling & Simulation

Intuitive Machines solves our clients' intractable problems and finds new efficiencies by applying complex modeling and simulation techniques honed in the spacecraft design and systems engineering world.

Multi-physics Analysis/Visualizations

Complex problems can be explored with complex simulations, which allow for the discovery of relatively simple solutions.  For the first time, the industry will be able to design and certify source control solution plans, in advance, for a wide range of release conditions, with the confidence that all the complex system interactions are modeled.

Our Subsea Source Control Simulation is a perfect example of the kind of product we can deliver in multi-physics analysis.

SDI pic

Training Simulators


We fuse our Human/Machine Interface background for spacecraft displays & controls with cutting-edge visualization software leveraged from the gaming industry as well as our own in-house simulation experience, to provide realistic and immersive training simulators.  

Training solutions range from Virtual-Reality rigs to Hardware-in-the-Loop configurations, integrating your hardware into a real-time simulation and display environment.

Examples of our trainers include directional drilling and spacecraft visualization trainers.

Design Performance Simulations

Our simulation background comes from the need to perform systems engineering with data that is corroborated with physical principals to provide actionable information on design performance.   We validate customer's designs by modeling how the real system would perform in the presence of uncertainties and interactions with multiple environmental or systematic forces and inputs.

Applications of our design performance simulations include precision directional drilling, spacecraft relative operations and entry, subsea operations, and stock market modeling.

ISS simulation

High Speed Computing Systems

Massive simulations often require massive computational capability.   Our team has implemented several parallel processing computation clusters based on graphical processing units (GPUs) and high performance CPU cores.   These units can be deployed with your trainer/simulation or located for secure virtual access.

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