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Intuitive Machines is sending Houston Medical Center employee names to the Moon to recognize their service and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their names will be laser etched into lightweight disks, attached to the company’s lunar lander, and will arrive at the Moon in the first quarter of 2022.

“We recognize the true heroes of the pandemic, our medical workers,” said Steve Altemus, Intuitive Machines’ president and CEO. “Our industries are intertwined by science, and the heart shown by Space City’s medical staff will never be forgotten. It is our distinguished honor to have the names of 137 extraordinary humans bring life to our robotic return to the Moon.”

Intuitive Machines worked with three Texas Medical Center hospitals, Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, and MD Anderson, to identify staff who has worked tirelessly during the pandemic. The selected employees are invited to tour Intuitive Machines’ production facility at the Houston Spaceport before launch.

If you are interested in sending your name, image, and message to the Moon, please visit

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Intuitive Machines joins IronNet’s Collective Defense Community for Space; initiative launched at leadership summit including industry visionaries and partners Axiom Space and Jacobs Engineering Group

MCLEAN, Va., July 27, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In its mission to transform cybersecurity through Collective Defense, IronNet announced today the first Collective Defense Community for Space providing real-time, automated attack intelligence to defend the space development industry against cyberattacks. IronNet is a leading provider of AI-based network detection and response (NDR) capabilities and the only cybersecurity company offering a Collective Defense platform for correlating attack intelligence across organizations for proactive cyber defense.

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Working with NASA, Intuitive Machines, Nokia, and Lunar Outpost are building, integrating, and demonstrating the first ever cellular network demonstration on the Moon.

The mission, IM-2, will land as soon as December 2022. Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C lunar lander will deliver Nokia’s LTE/4G communications system to the Moon’s South Pole. Nova-C will deploy Lunar Outpost’s M1 Mobile Autonomous Prospecting Platform (MAPP) rover, equipped with 4G/LTE communication user equipment, and provide a wireless communications link on the lunar surface between the rover and Nova-C.

Major Milestones Surpassed:

· Lunar Outpost, Nokia, and Intuitive Machines completed Preliminary Design Review for Nokia’s portion of the mission

· Intuitive Machines is providing a lander, Nova-C, the release mechanism to deploy the rover, and the communication system to Earth

About IM-2 Lunar South Pole Prospecting Mission:

In addition to being the first to establish a lunar communications network, Intuitive Machines' second mission to the Moon will set the stage for future robotic exploration and pave the way for the first woman and person of color to set foot on the lunar surface. IM-2 will be the first spacecraft to ever land on the lunar South Pole. After sticking the landing, IM's Nova-C spacecraft will deliver NASA’s Polar Resources Ice Mining Experiment -1 (PRIME-1), which will become the first instrument to drill for lunar ice. Nova-C will also deploy a rover to demonstrate LTE communication on the lunar surface. During surface operations, IM's Micro-Nova will demonstrate extreme lunar mobility. Micro-Nova will be the first spacecraft to explore deep craters on the Moon's surface.

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