Our Awesome Tech

We accelerate innovation through our “out-of-this-world-class” systems and expertise in advanced manufacturing, propulsion, automated systems, agile software development, and much more...  These systems enable rapid transit to the moon, and unsurpassed capability in cislunar space and the lunar surface.

Of course this awesome tech comes from awesome people.  Our strong relationship with San Jacinto Community College and the co-located EDGE center, fortified with our own experienced mentors and active talent management, ensures we will have healthy pipeline of skilled technical workforce to continually push the bounds… and make MORE awesome tech!

Advanced Manufacturing

At IM, we don’t presuppose a solution – our strength is in having a spectrum of techniques, and always being open to the best alternative.  With extensive additive manufacturing capabilities, an in-house composites shop, and robust machining shop, we are able to find the best answer to any prototyping or production challenge our customers are faced with.  If you can dream it – we can make it.


This is where IM really turns up the heat!  Our rich experience and unique capabilities with engines, ignitors, controllers, encoders, gimbals and diverse test facilities allow us to rapidly develop some of the world’s best propulsion systems

In a recent example, last year we successfully test fired our VR3500 moon lander engine for over 600 seconds, breaking the continuous test duration record on Marshall Space Flight Center’s Test Stand 115 – all within 4 months from contract award!

Automated Systems

Our broad experience in automated systems includes avionics, communications, navigation, guidance and control systems, rendezvous and proximity operations, synthetic perception technology and human-machine interfaces.

Automated Systems Example

The IM team brings extensive experience from NASA’s Morpheus and ALHAT (autonomous landing and hazard avoidance technology) projects and the efforts of the Precision Landing and Hazard Avoidance (PLHA) community. We helped validate the Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) system for the OSIRIS-REx mission which enabled precision landing on the asteroid Bennu. IM has developed a PLHA system with Terrain Relative Navigation (TRN) using optical and laser measurements for precise and safe landing on a celestial body.   We continue to mature our PLHA technology with the support of a nationwide academic network for incorporation into our Nova-C missions to the Lunar surface later this year.



Advanced Software

We employ the industry’s premiere software tools and processes to rapidly evolve and meet the complex and dynamic demands of our customers, and to build robust software solutions to ensure mission success.  Agile software development, DevOps, Digital Twins, and good old-fashioned engineering know-how allows us to efficiently adapt our software to what is needed – whether in aerospace, energy or medicine.  From Low Earth Orbit to the lunar surface, we are capable of delivering complete mission solutions.