Professional Autonomous Drone Systems, Sensors and Analytics for Long Range Commercial Inspection, Surveillance and Mapping

Our purpose is to change the paradigm of what can be done with autonomous drones systems, enabling operations never before possible creating  more value than previous methods and at the same time increase safety for all participants.  We build autonomous drone systems, work with the FAA so operators fly our systems safely in the US airspace, build and integrate custom sensor packages, and have the tools to create actionable information (value) from the flight data after the flying is done.

Long Range Drone

Tiburon Junior™ is a fully autonomous fixed-wing drone capable of flight times of 15 hours or more and operation beyond line of sight (BVLOS).  Satcom links with the vehicle keep the ground-based pilot and observer in constant contact with the autopilot and relay video images back to the ground.  The system can fly anywhere in the world, no cellular network or line of sight radio required 

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Sensor Packages

We build custom airborne sensor packages and integrate multi-mode sensors with on-board data collection and storage.  Airborne sensor surveys can often generate terabytes of digital data.  Pictured is our work integrating a doppler LiDaR sensor with a gravimetry sensor for geophysical surveys with manned aircraft. 


All that stored flight data requires processing to turn it into actionable information.  We have the analytic tools to extract the most value from your data, from Kalman filtering of noise filled sensor data to image field anomaly detection from subsequent image scans.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight System & FAA waivers

The FAA requires the operator (not the manufacturer) to file for part 107.31 waivers for flight ops BVLOS.  The process is lengthy, labor intensive and requires a substantial data package even to start the process, for example, an air operations manual, risk assessments, system reliability data, pilot training and certification procedures to name a few.  We provide this as a service to customers wanting to fly in the United States (BVLOS) with our systems.

Optionally Piloted Autonomous Aircraft

We build optionally-piloted autonomous aircraft, conversion aircraft that can be flown by the pilot on board or alternately as an autonomous drone.  These aircraft fly a sensor package in place of the passenger seat, can be flown legally through controlled airspace when piloted, and then switched to autonomous control on location.  Our first build is on contract to fly 500,000 line kilometers of geophysical surveys in remote regions of Africa.

Custom Drone Systems 

Our customers often come to us with use cases beyond what’s commercially available from our own product line, or the market in general.  We develop custom drone platforms to deliver the value they need.  This design (pictured) is for electro-magnetic geophysical surveys using a 100m diameter antenna.

Sentinel Observation System (SOS)

Sentinel Observation System uses technology from our Tiburon Junior beyond visual line-of-sight system to autonomously track airborne drones from the advantageous field of view atop towers. Deploying Sentinel Observation Systems across a unified perimeter provides an operational alert barrier to drone presence around sensitive assets. Additional Sentinel units can be deployed to enhance and expand the coverage area. Upon autonomous detection of a drone within camera range, operators are alerted toward the applicable video feed. A bounding box rectangle is visually overlaid around the drone to assist the operator. Additionally, in the absence of an active drone within visual sight, the Sentinel Observation System provides operators with video streams which can be used for situational awareness within proximity of the deployed location. Deploying Sentinel to assets with overlapping detection ranges provides a comprehensive drone and visual tracking network.

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