Dr. Kam Ghaffarian

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"I have dreamed of going to the moon since, as an 11-year-old boy, I saw Neil Armstrong's historic first step onto that new world. Today, Intuitive Machines begins a journey back to the moon in the culmination of my boyhood dream."

Steve Altemus

President & CEO
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"Our experience in developing autonomous systems, precision navigation, and cryogenic propulsion lends itself perfectly to the challenge of landing Nova-C on the Moon."

Dr. Tim Crain

VP of Research &
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"Our vision is to take the challenge of this historic step with an eye toward a permanent presence on the Moon," 

Our Founders

To awaken humankind's thirst for knowledge through exploration.


Intuitive Machines is a premier provider and supplier of space products and services that enable sustained robotic and human exploration to the Moon, Mars and beyond. We drive markets with competitive world-class offerings synonymous with innovation, high quality, and precision. Whether leveraging state-of-the-art engineering tools and practices or integrating research and advanced technologies, our solutions are insightful and have a positive impact on the world.